September 28th, 2020
Spring 2019  

Philosophy 303: "Empiricism and Kant" 
(L to R): Marcellus "I am going to grow up and be an immaterialist" Wiggins, Robert Morris, Sean Collins, David McElrath, Shelby Hanna, Brian Tarnai, Zach Toney, and Bjore Samard. 


At Right: Hight presented two papers in Ireland and England the first week of April. While in Dublin, he visited the archives at Trinity College Dublin and got to view a first edition of Berkeley's Principles of Human Knowledge.

Philosophy 217: "Philosophy of Religion"
(L to R): Austin Tomlin, John Gurley, Alex Smith,  Wyatt "I want to believe" West, Jacob Clayton, Nick Ikley, Aaron Paulisch.

Philosophy 201: "Formal Logic"
(L to R): Nathaniel Lloyd, Zach Toney, Nate Dracon, Jake Brummett, Michael Armen, Brooks Bynum, Wyatt "wild, wild" West, Kiefer "I wish I had majored" Pfister, Drew Gustafson, Michael "sloppy" van Citters, Hank Hollingshead.



Hight at Marsh's Library in Dublin, April 2019. Books were so valuable in the 18th century that people were only allowed to view and read them inside cages in which one was locked (in order to prevent their theft).


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