September 24th, 2021

Remember when?
Spring 2003 Philosophy Capstone "Berkeley" in old Morton 217 (since slightly renovated!).
(L to R):  David Gonzales, Andrew Sinclair, Charles Smith, Robert Park, and Shawn Connors.

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Alumni Pages - The Hight Courses

A veritable cornucopia of memories, friends, and honest intellectual development from all of the courses I have taught at HSC and abroad. As you browse these pages, please take a moment and drop me an email. Let me know how life has been treating you - my Estonian friends as well!

The HSC Philosophy Capstone Fund (PCF) is up and running. The fund is designed to support the capstone experience and further quality education in the philosophy program. Please consider directed giving to the PCF when you give back to the College. We are hoping for maximal participation, so the amount you give is less important than your participation.

It is now several years into the PCF campaign and we have raised over $65,000 for the fund. We need $100,000 to fully endow the program! We are closing in on the goal. Most of the contributions have been from alumni - and many who were not philosophy majors but recognize the value of strengthening quality education at HSC. 

And remember, gentle students, not to be mere squirrels.

By popular demand - a link to the award winning 2017 Short Movie Trailer submission Sidekicks. 






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