September 24th, 2021


Hightisms: Philosophical Quips & Quotes

  • "Be brilliant." (= be intellectually honest)
  • "NMP baby."
  • "No likey."
  • "Logic is better than sex."
  • "Don't be a squirrel."
  • "Sometimes you just have to wave the magic hand."
  • "It often takes a great mind to make a great mistake."
  • "Still here."
  • "Primary/secondary qualities... the things that keep me up at night!"
  • "Reeeealy? [with appropriate spread hand gesture]"
  • "Could be Gorgon the Great Goat God... my favorite 'quad-G.'"
  • "That is a bastard hard problem."

Thanks to many students for sending these to me....


Student Quotes Hight Will Hold You to Forever

  • "Lady Philosophy is my girl." Michael van Citters 9 December 2020 - in 19th Century (Phil 304)

  • "Leibniz cookies, that's not a porn thing, is it?" Michael van Citters 16 January 2020 - in the Rationalists course (Phil 211)

  • "I peaked in Hight's class." Bjore Samard 24 April 2019 - while discussing Kant's metaphysics.

  • "It is O.K. to have a dad." Garrett Ramsey 6 April 2018 - while talking about feminism in WCul II.

  • "We are all just holes in the air." Shelby Hanna 21 November 2017 (in Phil 305).

  • Ryan Rivas, 14 Feb 2013 during Locke on identity: I am crying because it is just so beautiful.

  • "I think math is stupid." Kyle Gilbert, physics and philosophy double-major, 23 February 2012.
  • "My life, passionate and contradictory: the J.B. Potter story." Said by Neil Smith, 29 March 2011.
  • "That is a Hightgasm!" Andrew Mauney, 24 March 2011.
  • "We are the teddy-bears of evil compared to Hight." Avery Moncure, 18 January 2011.
  • "Yay immaterialism and Christianity - all in one day!" Brandon Wood, 17 March 2009.
  • "Mo is still perceiving your room from the bushes." Brandon Wood, 17 March 2009.
  • In response to class discussion about the upshots of consequentialism.... Taylor Neal, 9 April 2007 "I will take my [$500] ring to the pawn shop."
  • "You [Hight] average six 'awesome references' [to science fiction/fantasy characters] per class." Josh Sorey, 20 April 2007.