September 24th, 2021


World in Flames (WiF) -- (scroll down for game reports)

Above: before the start of work, summer 2020.
Below: the 'new' bunker - with Christopher Thompson II overlooking the Pacific situtation in 'Shiny Ceilings' game.

In the summer of 2020, the Bunker underwent renovation!
  New flooring, new wiring, new lights, and Hight even put in a plank ceiling to spread the light. 84 sq ft of WiF boardspace.

Wif Resources

New Rules (8th Edition Full Color)

In 2002, the bunker was old and worn, but we Wiffed anyway.

In the spring of 2006, the bunker was improved without, hopefully, losing that happy 'bunker' feeling.


Game Reports: 'Bloody Poles'

Spring 2021 WiF Campaign

   Axis: Christopher Thompson II
  Allies: Hight

Game Reports: 'Shiny Ceilings'

Fall 2020 WiF Campaign

   Axis: Hight
  Allies: Christopher Thompson II

Game Reports: 'Wrath of the Red Guard'

Spring 2020 WiF Campaign

   Germany: David McElrath
  Japan/Italy: Christopher Thompson II

   China/Russia: Austin Obenshain
  CW: Christopher Jennings
  US/France: Hight

 Game Reports: 'Two's Company, Three's a Crowd'

Fall 2019 WiF Campaign

  Germany: Chris Thompson II
  Japan/Italy: David McElrath
  Commonwealth: Austin Obenshain
  USSR/China: Chris Jennings
  USA/France: Hight

Game Reports: 'New Maps, New Conquests'

Spr 2019 WiF Campaign

  US/France: Frusetta
  Russia/China: Tyler Hines
  CW: Alex Abbott

  Japan: Hight
  Italy: Chris Thompson II
  Germany: Austin Obenshain



Game Reports: 'Hurr Blurr'

Fall 2018 WiF Campaign

  US/China: Frusetta
  France/Russia: Tyler Hines
  CW: Hight

  Japan: Alex Abbott
  Italy: Chris Thompson II
  Germany: Austin Obenshain


Game Reports: 'Dosh Garnet!'

Spring 2018 WiF Campaign

  US/China: David McElrath, Alex Abbott
  France/Russia: Shelby Hanna
  CW: Garnet Crocker, Tyler Hines

  Japan: Austin Obenshain
  Italy: Hight
  Germany: Auberon Crocker, Ryan Gale


Game Reports: 'Rise of the bermensch'

Fall 2017 WiF Campaign

  US/China: Austin Obenshain/Maryska Connolly-Brown
  France/Russia: Hight
  CW: Garnet Crocker/Alex Abbott

  Japan: Ryan Gale
  Italy: Shelby Hanna/James Frusetta
  Germany: Auberon Crocker/Tyler Hines


Game Reports: 'The Abbott Prays'

Spring 2017 WiF Campaign

  US/China: Ryan Gale
  France/Russia: Tyler Hines and Garnet Crocker
  CW: Alex Abbott

  Japan: Maryska Connolly-Brown
  Italy: Austin Obenshain
  Germany: Auberon Crocker


Game Reports: 'Fascist Dachshunds in Love'

Fall 2016 WiF Campaign

  US/China: Ryan Gale
  France/Russia: Tyler Hines
  CW: Alex Abbott

  Japan: Auberon Crocker
  Italy: Maryska Connolly-Brown
  Germany: Hight

Game Reports: 'The Last Hurrah'

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 WiF Campaign

  Japan: Alex Abbott
  Italy: Auberon Croker
  Germany: James Crandall / Tyler Hines

  US/China: Logan McDonald
  Commonwealth: Ryan Gale / Maryska Connolly-Brown
  France/Russia: David Hart

Goes until May/June 1945!

Game Reports: 'Kicking in the Door'

Spring 2015 WiF Campaign

  Japan: Logan McDonald
  Italy: Auberon Croker
  Germany: Alex Abbott

  US/China: Hight
  Commonwealth: James Crandall
  France/Russia: Ryan Gale


Game Reports: 'Liesl's Gambit'

Spring 2014 - Fall 2015 WiF Campaign

  Japan: James Crandall
  Italy: Logan McDonald
  Germany:  Hight

  US/China: David Hart
  Commonwealth: Alex Abbott
  France/Russia: Joe Lantagne / David Hart

Game Reports: 'My little Axis Pwny'

Fall 2011 WiF Campaign Game

  Germany: James Frusetta
  Italy/Japan: Joe Onorati

  Allies: Hight 



Game reports: 'Depths of Despair'

Spring 2007 WiF Campaign Game

  Germany: A.J. Brown
  Japan/Italy: Jeremy "Oil Baron" Schwartz

  Russia/France/Com China: Kyle Spencer
  US/Commonwealth/Nat China: Hight

Game reports: 'Strange Saddles'

Spring 2011 WiF Campaign Game

  Axis: Hight

  Russia/France/C. China: James Frusetta
  Commonwealth/N. China: Joe Onorati
  USA: Matt Buchanan