About Me


I’m an applied mathematician whose interests center around probability and related areas.  I enjoy all aspects of music, and I play the piano.  I also enjoy hiking, cooking, and reading...


I received my PhD in 1994 from the University of Alabama system, with a dissertation entitled Complexity of Set Valued Maps.  My advisor was Kyle Siegrist.  I have taught at several colleges and universities, including Christian Brothers University in Memphis Tennessee, Alabama A&M University in Normal Alabama, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  I also worked as an applied mathematician in industry for a number of years.

I am inventor or co-inventor on 9 different patents, all in the area of ultrawideband communications and signal processing.  I also have several publications, in both pure and applied math.

My favorite number is 2.  My favorite color is blue.  My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln.  My favorite mathematician is Georg Cantor.  My favorite musician is Miles Davis.  My favorite composer is Claude Debussy.  My favorite Wikipedia article is the one on doomsday events.