Links to French Web Sites

Yahoo France: Yahoo France, the French-language search engine

L'ancien français: The Old French Literature and Language Page

Locations de vacances: Voyager en France

Le monde francophone: French Activities and Resources on the Web

The Paris Pages: A great site for all sorts of Paris tourist information - hotels (complete with prices, comments from other travelers, nearest Metro stops), restaurants, museums, etc

Pariscope : The weekly on-line version of everything thing that there is to do, see, and eat in Paris!

René Descartes: L'histoire du philosophe René Descartes

French Texts on-line: Catalogue of French texts and on-line versions of their works

French authors: Catalogue of French authors

Florilège: Catalogue of French poetry; organized by author, title, and theme

La charcuterie: If youíre hungry, donít check out this site! A wonderful presentation of a French delicatessenís offerings

La poésie française: complete texts of over 2000 French poems (from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance), as well as poetry readings!

Le Monde: The on-line version of the famous French newspaper Le Monde

Les vins de France: Wines of France; complete with pouring and cork popping sounds

La boulangerie: Welcome to the French bakersí world; history of the baguette, recipes, etc.

French resources: Web activities for French students

La Libération The on-line version of the left-wing newspaper La Libération