TI-83 Instructions

Computing z-Scores

Find the z-scores of all members of a sample

  1. Find the mean of L1.
  2. Find the standard deviation of L1.
  3. Press 2nd L1.
  4. Press - (minus key).
  5. Enter the value of the mean from Step 1.
  6. Press STO.
  7. Press 2nd L2.
  8. Press ENTER. This stores the deviations from the mean in list L2.
  9. Press 2nd L2.
  10. Type (divide).
  11. Enter the value of the standard deviation from Step 2.
  12. Press STO.
  13. Press 2nd L3.
  14. Press ENTER. This stores the z-scores in list L3.
  15. To view the z-scores, press STAT. The EDIT menu title is highlighted and the Edit... menu item is highlighted.
  16. Press ENTER. You can see the various lists.
  17. You can view the members of L3 by scrolling up and down the list L3.