Computer Science 308.01

Programming Languages

Fall 2018

MWF 1:30PM in Bagby 020



Professor Tom Valente

Bagby 123 x6210

Office Hours: MTWR 2:30 4:00 PM


Programming Languages, Principles and Paradigms, Tucker and Noonan, 2nd Edition.

Our Plan:


Cover Chapters 1,2,4,5 by Fall Break and Chapters 7, and 9 just afterwards.


Discuss functional programming until Fall Break, with programming in Scheme.

After break, discuss logic programming with programming in Prolog.

Also, after break, discuss imperative programming, object-oriented programming, and possibly event-driven programming with programming in Java.


Homework counts 40%.

Two in-class exams (mid term and very late) each counting 15%.

Final Experience TBD 20%.

Class participation and presentation 10%.