Sample Sentences from the Exercises for Chapter 15 (Wheelock)


prep phrase O S/V conj. O adv S/V
(Illo tempore solo)  illa tria pericula timuit; sed mortem semper timebat.
In that time alone, he feared those three dangers; but he always feared death.

Note the difference in usage between the perfect (timuit) and the imperfect (timebat).
Illo tempore solo: ablative of time when (no preposition)


O prep phrase prep phrase V
Urbem (duobus horis) (sapientia sua) conservaverunt.
In two hours, they saved the city with their wisdom.

duobus horis: ablative of time within which (no preposition)
sapientia sua:
ablative of means (no preposition)

also note the irregular form of duobus


Duo patres quattuor ex filiis miserunt.

S prep phrase V
Duo patres quattuor ex filiis miserunt.
The two fathers sent four of their sons.

quattuor ex filiis  - ablative with cardinal numerals