Wheelock Chapter 4 Worksheet

Directions: Translate the following adjective/noun phrases into Latin according to the case and number provided. Remember that adjectives and nouns agree in CASE, NUMBER, and GENDER and do not necessarily LOOK as if they agree. You may refer to this running vocabulary to see which words appear in which chapter (hopefully, this will be all the hint you will need to seize upon the correct Latin word)

Print this out and bring it with you to class on Monday.

1. to/for the good plan

2. evil war (acc sing)

3. evil wars (acc pl)

4. of a small kiss

5. to good eyes

6. large danger (nom sing)

7. by foolish cures

8. of true destruction

9. handsome boy (acc sing)

10. with my gift

11. of foolish opinions

12. human duty (nom sing)

13. true leisure (acc sing)

14. true friends (m) (nom pl)

15. to/for human wisdom

16. small field (nom sing)

17. small fields (nom pl)

18. many dangers (acc pl)

19. of the pretty teacher (f)

20. foolish anger (acc sing)

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