Imperfect Tense of 1st and 2nd Conjugation Verbs Drill Sheet

Vocabulary used in this quiz is from chapters 1-5 of Wheelock's Latin. Click here for the vocabulary list if you can't remember a word.

Directions: Print out this page and write in your answers. THEN, check your own work. You may do this in two ways. If you are using MSIE, just roll your mouse over the answer spot and the answer will magically appear. If you are using Netscape, click on the answer blank to see the correct answer. How cool is that?! Problem: you must print this form out from Netscape! MSIE shows the answers. I'm working on it...

Of course, if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself. Your quiz will test the same material. Get a good handle on it. I expect you to hand in your own self-graded worksheet.

Translate the following phrases into Latin:

we used to give dabamus
you (pl) were loving amabatis
I was thinking cogitabam
You were preserving cônservabas
I used to have habebam
they were erring errabant
she praised laudabat
we were warning monebamus
we were terrifying terrebamus
you (pl) were seeing videbatis
I was calling vocabam
he was satisfying (somebody, I guess) satiabat
you (pl) were helping iuvabatis
I was dining cenabam
you (pl) were blaming culpabatis
I was staying manebam
they were remaining remanebant
you were overcoming superabas

when you are done, just close this window. Don't forget to print out this sheet and hand it in with YOUR answers! Mistakes are OK - in fact, they help me to see what I need to go over more with you.

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