Wheelock Chapter 7 Interactive Drill
Third Declension Nouns

THIS version of the quiz has the answers hidden in it. Either roll the mouse over the answer blank you wish to check, click on the answer blank you wish to check, or simply print out this page, and the answers will be revealed. Make sure you complete the worksheet yourself first, or it will have no good effect! Grade your own worksheet, and bring it to class. Any errors you make will be instructive - we'll handle it. 

I expect you to hand in your own self-graded worksheet.

Nom sing Gen sing gender Acc sing Acc plural English definition English derivative
amor       amoris       masculine      amorem       amores       love       amorous      
carmen       carminis       neuter      carmen       carmina       poem, song       charm      
corpus       corporis       neuter       corpus       corpora       body       corpse      
homo       hominis       masculine       hominem       homines       man       homicide      
labor       laboris       masculine       laborem       labores       work       laborious      
mos       moris       masculine       morem       mores       custom       morals      
nomen nominis       neuter       nomen       nomina       name       nominal      
pax       pacis       feminine       pacem       paces       peace       pacify      
rex       regis       masculine       regem       reges       king       regal      
tempus       temporis       neuter       tempus tempora       time       temporal      
uxor       uxoris feminine       uxorem       uxores       spouse       uxoricide      
virgo       virginis       feminine       virginem       virgines       maiden       virginal      
virtus       virtutis       feminine       virtutem       virtutes       courage       virtue      

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