Trier/Augusta Treverorum:

 Der Alltag im 4. Jahrhundert n.Chr. in einer römischen Stadt

(Everyday life in a Roman city of the Fourth century CE)

The modern-day city, Trier, which sits on the Moselle River near the Luxembourg border, was more than just a northern military outpost of the Roman Empire. It was an important center of commerce (coins were struck in Trier), as well as a center of a rich cultural life (numerous ruins/mosaics, etc. attest to this). It has often been referred to as “Roma Secunda.”

In my presentation I would like to recreate a sense of the “everyday” in Augusta Treverorum (Trier). With the help of an excellent German web site, I will show how students, in German, can experience a part of this ancient life and learn something of the Roman legacy in this city, as well as practice their use of German in the process.

web-edited by Dr. Janice Siegel