Special Topics:

    Here are the links for Pausanias on the Oracle of Delphi:

start at 10.5.1 (in the book entitled "Phocis").

  • Points of interest along the way:

  • story of Oedipus (10.5.3)

  • founding of the oracle and Temple of Apollo (10.5.5)

  • the nature of the contests at the Pythian Games (10.7.2)

  • the beginning of a pages-long list of votives on site (10.9.1) in which
    are embedded passages on:

  • Corycian Cave (and sacred rites associated with Apollo and Dionysus...10.32.1)

interesting oracles mentioned and explained:
in Pausanias: 10.18.2-3, Homer's oracle (10.24.2)