Three Ridges Hike

March 6, 2003

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The Tye River, from the A.T. footbridge Entering the Three Ridges Wilderness Area
At the start of the trip, it was foggy Then the sun began to shine through
Crossing Harpers Creek.
A little more care and I would have kept my feet dry
Harpers Creek
The Trail from Harpers Creek to the ridge had a lot of snow on it The view of The Priest from the low end of the ridge.
A rainbow in the woods after a brief downpour Looking up towards Chimney Rocks (not visible)
The view of The Priest and the Piedmont from the top of Three Ridges Three Ridges summit - a nice place for lunch.
(Pack and cookstove are in the foreground)
A trail sign View from a moss-covered rock slab on the ridge
Back onto the snow-covered trail. Ugh! Harpers Creek

The footbridge over the Tye River

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