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Eta Sigma Phi is the national honorary collegiate society for students of Latin and Greek

Let's start our own chapter and celebrate classics on the ISU campus! This year's national meeting was hosted by Monmouth College, right here in Illinois! (Click here to see the write-up in Nuntius, Eta Sigma Phi's newsletter)

Eta Sigma Phi also awards annual scholarships to students JUST LIKE YOU for summer study abroad in Greece or Italy

You can also run for office in either your local chapter or the national chapter and gain valuable experience, meet people with similar interests, and promote the classics wherever you go!

But the most important reason to create our own Eta Sigma Phi chapter is stated in the organization's constitution: "to develop and promote interest in classical study among the students of colleges and universities; to promote closer fraternal relationship among students who are interested in classical study, including inter-campus relationship; to engage generally in an effort to stimulate interest in classical study, and in the history, art, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome." So let's have some fun!

Potential activities include:

Classics-related parties - especially December's Saturnalia and Rome's Birthday party in April!

film nights

producing our own classical theatrical productions

attending professional productions of classically-related plays, operas, etc.

museum trips

Roman banquets

game days

and even an ISU-sponsored trip to Greece or Rome! (no kidding - it's in the works!)

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