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Latin 116 Final Examination (after the fact)

on Ovid's Metamorphoses I

passage 7

talia dicturus vidit Cyllenius omnes
subcubuisse oculos adopertaque lumina somno;
supprimit extemplo vocem firmatque soporem               715
languida permulcens medicata lumina virga.
nec mora, falcato nutantem vulnerat ense,
qua collo est confine caput, saxoque cruentum
deicit et maculat praeruptam sanguine rupem.
Arge, iaces, quodque in tot lumina lumen habebas,               720
exstinctum est, centumque oculos nox occupat una.
Excipit hos volucrisque suae Saturnia pennis
collocat et gemmis caudam stellantibus inplet.

A.D. Melville’s translation:

The tale remained untold; for Mercury saw
All Argus’ eyelids closed and every eye
Vanquished in sleep. He stopped, and with his wand,
His magic wand, soothed the tired resting eyes
And sealed their slumber; quick then with his sword
Struck off the nodding head and from the rock
Threw it all bloody, spattering the cliff with gore.
Argus lay dead, so many eyes, so bright
Quenched, and all hundred shrouded in one night.
Juno retrieved those eyes to set in place
Among the feathers of her bird and filled
His tail with starry jewels.

Provide the Latin for Melville’s phrases and translate the line literally (10 pts each):

1. The tale remained untold

2. every eye Vanquished in sleep

3. with his wand, His magic wand

4. quick then

5. Melville poetically tells us that Mercury “struck off the nodding head”. Find the lines in which Ovid describes the injury Mercury gives to Argus and then translate them literally.

6. with gore

7. and all hundred shrouded in one night

8. and filled His tail with starry jewels

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