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Latin 116 Midterm Review:

all vocabulary through chapter 27 is fair game, but I will focus on vocab (and grammar) from chapter 19.

  • Topics to be covered and how:
  • know your principal parts of verbs: be able to form all tenses and perfect passive (you must be able to identify all other passives, but know how to form the perfect passive system)…
  • know what declension each noun belongs to, its gender, and how to decline it (if it is I-stem or not…)
  • know your paradigms for relative/interrogative pronouns and interrogative adjectives
  • there will be an ablative section, providing all sorts of sentences with ablative phrases representing all the ablatives you know up to this point. Review the chart of ablative usage on pg 142/3. English into Latin and Latin into English.
  • Participles: how to form them, how to translate them, how to use them in a sentence, how to identify a participial phrase.
  • Know all about the ablative absolute and the passive periphrastic (don’t forget the dative of agent). This includes knowing how to identify these constructions when you see them, how to translate them, and how to form them yourself.
  • Infinitives: know how to form them, translate them, and use them. Indirect statement is a big part of this. Remember the rule concerning the tense of an infintive.
  • Form of the Test:
  • 1. I may provide a reading passage we did in class and ask you to identify the construction in a particular sentence, or ask you questions about the tense of a verb, or the case of a noun.
  • 2. sentences to translate from Latin into English (from the exercises in the back of the book)
  • 3. fill-in-the-blank charts for nouns, verbs, participles, infinitives
  • 4. a section in which I provide sentences and provide a phrase/clause in English and ask you to translate it into Latin (such as an ablative of means), or I underline specific parts of the sentence and ask you to do the same as in number 1 above.
  • 5. a true/false or fill-in-the-blank section on grammatical concepts

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