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FOR 106
Myth and Meaning



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Here are the texts and videos we covered since the last test:

Reading: Morford and Lenardon Chapter 20 (Odysseus)
The Odyssey Books 9-12
Reading: Morford and Lenardon Chapter 22 (Heracles)
Reading: Morford and Lenardon Chapter 23 (
Reading: Morford and Lenardon Chapter 24 (

Videos (all videos are on reserve at Milner's 6th floor Media Services Desk):

Wishbone: Homer Sweet Homer
Two Odysseus cartoons

FILM: Ulysses, with Kirk Douglas
FILM: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
selections from Jason and the Argonauts
dramatic production of Euripides' Medea


Review my study guides and the on-line chapter summaries (only Jason does not have his own study guide on my website). Practice with the on-line quizzes, but they ask you to know more than I ask you to know (in terms of names of peripheral characters).

Know the distinguishing adventures of each hero.

Know the way each hero is presented in art (yes, I want you to review the art on my study guides but no, you will not be asked specific questions about specific works of art. Here is a sample question: how is Heracles usually dressed when he is represented in the art of antiquity? Answer: in a lion skin. This will be obvious to anyone who takes a look at the images...also, I may ask general questions about the images that are posted. If you review them, you will know enough. You don't have to photographically memorize them).

Know the kinds of mythic accomplishments associated with mythic heroes, and the words I (and the textbook) have used to describe them.

Anything that came up in lecture is fair game. If you came to class on a regular basis and paid attention, and if you did your reading, you will not find the exam arduous.

The Final Exam will cover only the material we have covered since our last test (as indicated above). The Final Exam will be 100% multiple choice.

PS - I have had the Demeter quizzes graded (they were accidentally put in the "done" pile before they were done). For the purposes of figuring out your lowest scantron quiz grade, the Apollo/Demeter quizzes, both worth only 10 points each, will be merged. Then all quizzes will be worth 20 points and your lowest one will be dropped. As for the writing assignments, even though I already dropped one of them (your first, on Clash of the Titans), I will drop the lowest of the three writing assignment grades you have received.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.


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