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Chapter 22 Ablative Usages

The following sample sentences are taken from the exercises in the back of Wheelock's text (in other words, you could have looked the answers up yourself so I am not giving anything away).

color code:

ablative of means
ablative of time when
ablative of manner
ablative of personal agent (with a verb in the passive)
ablative of place where
ablative of place from which (physical separation)
ablative of separation (metaphorical, with verb of spearation)

1. Eo tempore libertatem illorum decem civium cum fide conservavit.
At that time
, he faithfully (with faith) preserved the freedom of those ten citizens.

eo tempore = ablative of time when
cum fide = ablative of manner

2. Res publica magna cura ab eo gesta est.
The state was managed
by him with great care.

ab eo = ablative of personal agent (with a verb in the passive)
magna cura = ablative of manner (with an adjective)

3. Multae res bonae in media urbe visae sunt.
Many good things were seen
in the middle of the city.

in media urbe = ablative of place where

4. Terra homines fructibus bonis alit.
The earth nourishes human beings
with good fruits.

fructibus = ablative of means

5. Septem ex amicis nostris ex illa re publica magno cum metu venerunt.
Seven of our friends came from that state with great fear.

septem ex amicis nostris = ablative with cardinal numerals
ex illa re publica = ablative of place from which (physical separation)
magno cum metu = ablative of manner (with adjective and preposition)

6. Si illi fide carent, nulla spes est amicitiae et pacis.
If those men lack faith, there is no hope of friendship and peace.

fide = ablative of separation (metaphorical; with a verb of separation)

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