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Lion Tomb



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Dr. J's Illustrated Lion Tomb (Tholos) at Mycenae



IMG0085MID.jpg (9839 bytes)The Lion Tomb, situated outside the citadel walls, suffered the collapse of its tholos, and thus offers a wide-open view (the dromos, too, has been cleared). The tomb, which dates to c. 1350 BC, housed three simple pit graves which were found empty. The tholos is 14 meters across, one of the smaller of the 9 tholos tombs discovered (thus far?) at Mycenae. Although some guide books claim the tomb's name is due to its proximity to the Lion Gate, the name is really due to the discovery of inlays of lions found within.
IMG0087MID.jpg (8877 bytes)Like all thresholds in tholos tombs (and most ancient buildings), the doorway slants inward, getting smaller as it approaches the ceiling. The lintel block on this tomb consists of four regularly-cut blocks. Its masonry shows advanced skill in building with stone.

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