Math 121 - Spring 2020

Updated Schedule

  Week     Dates     Topic     Notes     Homework  
9   Mar 23 - Mar 27     t-distribution methods, Midterm 2   Week 9
10   Mar 30 - Apr 3     Two-sample t-distribution methods     Week 10   HW10
11   Apr 6 - Apr 10     Inference about proportions   Week 11 HW11
12   Apr 13 - Apr 17     Two-sample inference for proportions   Week 12 HW12
13   Apr 20 - Apr 24     Statistical inference review, Midterm 3   Week 13
14   Apr 27 - Apr 30     Final Exam  

Post-Pandemic Plan

We'll be running things a bit different now that the course is online. Here are some key points:

  1. Instead of lectures, I will provide guided notes and workshops and let you work out the details. I'll be sending these out as PDF files that you can print. You can work on these when you want, but try not to fall behind!

  2. You will not need your textbook, so if you don't have it with you that is okay! If you do have your textbook, then I encourage you to read it, but the notes I provide will cover everything you need to know. I'll also post links to Kahn academy videos in case you want additional explanations. You won't need the textbook for homework either.

  3. I will post homework problems that are due each Friday (except when we have midterm exams). We won't have quizzes or presentations anymore. You'll be able to submit solutions to the homework by e-mail.

  4. For quick questions, just send me an e-mail. For more involved questions, I'll be available to chat on Skype, Google Hangouts, or by telephone. You can make an appointment any time, but the hours from 10:30am-12:30pm MWF are particularly good for me.

  5. Midterm 2 will be on Friday, March 27. The exam will be online. You will be allowed to use your notes (unlike Midterm 1) & a calculator (or cellphone), but no outside help when you take the exam.

  6. You can ignore the old course schedule now. We'll still cover most of the same material, but the schedule above will be what we use from now on. All homework assignments and class notes/workshops will be posted here.