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A Teacher Workshop held at Temple University, Ambler Campus
March 24, 2001

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Romans in Germany

A Workshop/Seminar held at Temple University, Ambler Campus
March 24, 2001

Some Useful Written, Web and Video Resources for the Battle of the Teutoberg Forest, AD 9

compiled by Dr. William Morison

General Information:

Inhaltsübersicht: Kalkriese grabungen. In German. The official web site for the on-going excavations at Kalkriese. The site has not only a complete overview of the excavations, and beautiful illustrations, it also includes all the historical sources, textual and epigraphic with a facing German translation. There is also a lengthy discussion of the later traditions about the battle and the Hermann/Arminius story. The site’s only drawback is that it is slow. http://www.altenforst.de/faecher/geschi/kalkries/tacgerm.htm?

RomanSites — 2,182 Websites on Ancient Rome. A comprehensive site with links to all things Roman.

Arminius and the Cherusci. A well-researched, if occasionally romantic, recounting of the Arminius, the battle and its aftermath.

Fifteen Decisive Battles. Edward Creasy’s famous, but out-dated account on-line.

Hermann the Cheruscan. A relatively mild, but nationalistic and neo-pagan biography of Hermann/Arminius.

The Early Germans by Malcolm Todd (Blackwell Publishers 1996). The most up-to-date scholarly book on the early German peoples.

“Furor Teutonicus: The Teutoberg Forest, A.D. 9” by Lewis Lapham in What If? edited by R. Cowley (New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1998). Entertaining, but at times scatter-brained, musings on what might have been.

“Battle of the Teutoberg Forest” in Archaeology (September/October 1992) 45:5.26-32. A brief, but highly readable and reliable account of historical sources and the early excavations at Kalkriese. Beautiful illustrations.

Fun Stuff:

Clades Variana - Home of the Varus Film Project. An interactive site for an ambitious project to make a film about the battle.

Legio XX--The Twentieth Legion. Re-enactment groups exist throughout the U.S. and Europe. Legio XX’s web site is particularly good and contains detailed discussions of the armor, clothing, etc. worn by legionnaires. It also contains links to other re-enactment groups worldwide.


Caesar's Nightmare: An Ambush in the Forest (1993, Films for Humanities and Sciences). This video presents the search for the site of the battle by archaeologists. Link to www.drjclassics.com file.

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