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A Teacher Workshop held at Temple University, Ambler Campus
March 24, 2001

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Romans in Germany

A Workshop/Seminar held at Temple University, Ambler Campus
March 24, 2001


8:45 a.m.    Assemble for coffee, tea and pastry (Widener Hall 106)

9 a.m.    Welcome, introductions and announcements (Widener 115)
Martha Davis and Margaret Devinney, Organizers

9:30-10:15    Illustrated talk on the Clades Varianae/Teutoburger Schlacht, Dr. William Morison (Widener 115) talk outline   web resources (to be edited)   assorted images (not quite ready yet!)

10:15-10:45  Discussion of the talk, Q&A, coffee break (Widener 115 and 106)

10:45-11:45  Using technology to enhance the teaching of "Romans in Germany" (Widener 115)
                     The Internet Resources: Latin: Janice Siegel website
                        The Internet Resources: German: Istvan Varkonyi outline
                        Incorporating Various Resources into Classroom Plans: Utri/Alle Beide

11:45-12:45  Working Lunch: Complimentary box lunches will provide sustenance while we exchange materials and ideas for teaching units on "Romans in Germany" (Widener 106 and 107)

12:45-1:45    Discussion of Tacitus' Germania  (Widener 115) 
Discussion leader: Alex Watts-Tobin handout

1:45-2:30    Comparative Greco-Roman and Teutonic Mythology (Widener 115)
Margaret Devinney and Martha Davis handouts

2:30-3:30    Discussion of the day's activities. Planning for other workshops in the series "Romans in...."

Organizers and Presenters

Martha A. Davis, PhD, Department of Greek, Hebrew and Roman Classics: Organizer, presenter in Comparative Mythology session madavis@temple.edu

Margaret Devinney, PhD, Department of French, German, Italian and Slavic: Organizer, presenter in Comparative Mythology session devinney@astro.ocis.temple.edu

William Morison, PhD, Department of Greek, Hebrew and Roman Classics: Presenter in Clades Varianae/Teutoburger Schlacht session wmorison@temple.edu

Janice Siegel, PhD, Intellectual Heritage Program/GHR Classics: Presenter in Technology session and workshop webmaster jfsiege@ilstu.edu

Istvan Varkonyi, PhD, Intellectual Heritage Program/FGIS: Presenter in the Technology session samsa@temple.edu

Alex Watts-Tobin, PhD, Intellectual Heritage Program/GHR Classics: Discussion leader in session on Tacitus' Germania googs@temple.edu

Teachers of Latin and German in area Elementary and Secondary Schools

Funding, Sponsors, Acknowledgements

The organizers wish to thank the Departments of Greek, Hebrew and Roman Classics (Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Chair) and French, German Italian and Slavic (Margaret Devinney, Chair), and the College of Liberal Arts (Morris Vogel, Dean) for their support.

Special thanks go to Sophia Wisniewska, Dean of Ambler Campus of Temple University, and members of her staff for use of the Ambler facilities and assistance with scheduling, parking, facilities management, security, catering, and audio-visual services. Peggy Shadding and Eric Koslofsky of GHR Classics are commended and thanked for organizational assistance.

This workshop is a project not only of the two Temple University academic departments and the organizers, but also of the Pennsylvania Classical Association, in cooperation with the Philadelphia Classical Society and the American Association of Teachers of German.

Funding was provided by a generous grant from the Classical Association of the Atlantic States, Public Projects Committee, and also by donations from Pennsylvania Classical Association, Philadelphia Classical Society, and Zavelle's Bookstore (1520 N. Broad St., Philadelphia).  

Participants will receive certificates of attendance. Reports will be made to funding agencies and educational entities that grant credit for continued education and professional development activities such as this.          

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