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Pericles and America

Pericles and Philadelphia

Aeschylus' Oresteia

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Dr. J's Lecture on Socrates


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Aeschylus' Oresteia

If you visit Mycenae today, you will find that modern Greeks have cashed in on the Oresteia craze. Now, you know the story. Based on the plot of the plays, can you tell which of the pictures below is NOT a photo of a real hotel sign in Mycenae?
IMG0016X.jpg (1948 bytes) IMG0015X.jpg (1832 bytes) IMG0017X.jpg (2141 bytes) IMG0018X.jpg (4023 bytes) IMG0019X.jpg (2234 bytes) IMG0014X.jpg (2417 bytes)

Answer (but don't peek prematurely...guess first)

Robert Kennedy's Aeschylus quotation

Actual text notes coming soon...

but now you can go to:

Berkeley's Oresteia resource page
Dr. Mitchell-Boyask's Oresteia Study Guide
more of these to come, too.

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