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A Teacher Workshop held at Temple University, Ambler Campus
March 24, 2001

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Romans in Germany

A Workshop/Seminar held at Temple University, Ambler Campus
March 24, 2001

Germanic Deity

Roman Deities
Sharing Aspects

Tiwaz  Mars: battlefield
  Jupiter: sky god; law and order
Wodan  Mercury: psychopompos (leader of souls to underworld)
  Jupiter: storm, wind
  Mars: war

Mercury: trade, commerce, writing, psychopompos

  Dis: god of the dead
Perkuno  Jupiter: lightning, oak tree

Hercules: club (hammer); strength; battles against savagery and monsters; constant journeys to find the monsters

  Jupiter: association with oak trees
The Alci (Twins of Naharnavali)   Castor and Pollux (Dioscuri)

Romulus and Remus: culture heroes on white horses

Raos and Raptos (Twins of Vandal Hasdings same
Ambri and Assi (Twins of the Vandals) same
Aio and Ibor (Twins of the Lombards) same
Alrik and Erick (Twins of the Suavi/Swedes) same
Nerthus                                  Cybele (Phrygian): fertility
  Tellus/Terra Mater:  "Mother Earth"
  Magna Mater: The Great Mother
  Isis: all aspects of feminine power and some masculine power (Egyptian)
  Juno and variants: feminine power; marriage
  Ceres: fertility of earth, esp. grain crops
  Cybele: fertility
Baduhenna (Frisii)   Ops: plenty, harvest
Tamfana Dionysus: sky, fertility, shield/boat
Ull  (Swedes and Norwegians) Apollo: sky, shield/boat
Freyr and Freya  Consus and Ops: plenty, harvest
  Apollo and Diana: welfare of men and women; human sacrifice
  Liber and Libera: welfare of men and women
  Dioscuri: horses
  Mars: boar
Freyr  Saturnus: peace and plenty

Venus Erycina: mating of humans or          animals, attraction, necklace or belt

Freya Proserpina: human bonds in death                                     
Norns Parcae: three women who give destiny
Loki Mercury: the Trickster
Balder Dionysus: the dying god
Aegir Neptune: the sea, trident

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