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Castalian Spring

Corycian Cave and Environs

Marmara at Delphi

The Delphi Museum Gallery

Mount Parnassos

Up the Sacred Way

The Stadium at Delphi

The Temple of Apollo

The Theater at Delphi


north35MID.jpg (8065 bytes)Dr. J's Illustrated
Corycian Cave
       and Environs

IMG0039MID.jpg (9871 bytes)The Corycian cave, high up Mt. Parnassos, is sacred to the Corycian nymphs and to Pan (according to ancient inscriptions found there). Although the stalagmites are all gone, I share Pausanias' opinion (10.32.2): it's my fave cave, too, albeit a bit risky to navigate without a guide - caves like these tend to have unexpected 25 meter drop-offs. Please be careful! But definitely worth seeing!
IMG0037MID.jpg (4640 bytes)Looking from the inside out. The French excavated this karst cave in just over one month's time in 1969 and found a tremendous number and range of objects from all periods of antiquity: a rare Neolithic male steotopygous figurine, Mycenean shards, bone flutes, iron and bronze rings,  bronze statuettes, 50,000 terra cotta figurines from the classical period and 24,000 astragoloi, or "knucklebones" (used for astragolomancy, or "prophecy by knucklebones").
IMG0038MID.jpg (6364 bytes)The view right outside the cave, which is fairly close to the edge of the cliff and very high up Mt. Parnassos. Locals took refuge in the cave from the Persians (Herodotus, 8.36) in the 5th century BC and from the Germans in 1943, and during the Greek War of Independence, too. King Otto and Queen Amalfia got a royal tour of it - with 100 torchbearers!
IMG0043MID.jpg (7779 bytes)IMG0041X.jpg (2585 bytes)Mountain goats a-romping on Mt. Parnassos right outside the Corycian Cave. On the right, one gives us his perspective of the Plain of Amphissa far below.

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