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Castalian Spring

Corycian Cave and Environs

Marmara at Delphi

The Delphi Museum Gallery

Mount Parnassos

Up the Sacred Way

The Stadium at Delphi

The Temple of Apollo

The Theater at Delphi


Dr. J's Illustrated Theater
at Delphi

For an overview of Greek theater and definitions of Greek theater terminology, please visit Dr. J's Illustrated Greek Theater Page

IMG0063MID.jpg (8712 bytes)We recall that the institution of theater grew out of a celebration of nature - all Greek theaters are sculpted into the side of a hill and offer a spectacular view so that the audience never forgets theater's roots. But few theaters can top this view of the Sea of Olives at Delphi!
north20MID.jpg (9977 bytes)View of the Theater at Delphi from the walkway immediately above. Because of the perspective, the terracing effect is lost and the Theater seems to be right next to the Temple of Apollo, which appears to be right next to the Treasury of the Athenians. In fact, these structures are all on different levels of the hill, and you must follow the zig-zagging Sacred Way, crossing the entire width of the site on every pass, in order to ascend or descend.                                                                 
IMG0046XMID.jpg (9630 bytes)
IMG0063XMID.jpg (8764 bytes)A close-up of the orchestra, parados and skene of the Theater.
IMG0049XMID.jpg (3938 bytes)Part of the 1e AD marble frieze of the proscenium (decorated front of the skene), which depicts the Labors of Herakles (in museum). The three scenes featured here are: a fight with a centaur, Herakles overcoming the Lernean Hydra, and Herakles wrestling the giant Antaeus. Created in honor of the visit of the Roman Emporer Nero, who fancied himself a modern day Herakles.

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