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Lion Gate

Grave Circles

King's Megaron


Clytemnestra's Tomb

Treasury of Atreus

Lion Tomb



Dr. J's Illustrated MYCENAE

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Dr. J's Illustrated Lion Gate Lecture

pp33.jpg (2375 bytes) 9401.jpg (2949 bytes) pp34.jpg (2886 bytes) IMG0091.jpg (2551 bytes) IMG0004.jpg (2863 bytes)
approach Lion Gate Lion Gate lion frieze
rear view
IMG0092.jpg (3077 bytes) IMG0093.jpg (2808 bytes) 9602.jpg (3691 bytes)
door fittings guard stall oikoi
(outside the confines of the citadel)

Dr. J's Illustrated Grave Circles Lecture

IMG0094.jpg (3615 bytes) IMG0002.jpg (3591 bytes) pp36.jpg (3730 bytes) pp37.jpg (3647 bytes) pp38.jpg (3190 bytes)
Grave Circle A Grave Circle A Grave Circle A shaft graves enclosure
pp45.jpg (3053 bytes) pp50.jpg (2059 bytes) pp48.jpg (1958 bytes) pp46.jpg (3591 bytes) pp47.jpg (3564 bytes)
lion rhyton bull rhyton bronze dagger royal gold funeral mask
IMG0009.jpg (4031 bytes)
Grave Circle B

Dr. J's Illustrated King's Megaron Lecture

IMG0003.jpg (3302 bytes) IMG0001.jpg (3440 bytes) IMG0095.jpg (3069 bytes) IMG0096.jpg (2921 bytes) IMG0097.jpg (2838 bytes)
stone ramp palace
approach approach threshold
IMG0098.jpg (2260 bytes) IMG0099.jpg (3278 bytes) IMG0100.jpg (3224 bytes)
hearth megaron megaron

Dr. J's Illustrated Cistern Lecture

pp39.jpg (3689 bytes) 9501.jpg (3639 bytes) IMG0104.jpg (3081 bytes) IMG0105.jpg (3558 bytes) IMG0102.jpg (3162 bytes)
ascent emergence overview cistern
view behind
the palace

Dr. J's Illustrated Clytemnestra's Tomb Lecture

IMG0005.jpg (3748 bytes) IMG0006.jpg (3140 bytes) IMG0008.jpg (1882 bytes)
sign dromos lintel block

Dr. J's Illustrated Treasury of Atreus Lecture

IMG0106.jpg (2541 bytes) IMG0106X.jpg (2718 bytes) IMG0010.jpg (3279 bytes) pp43.jpg (1538 bytes) IMG0013.jpg (1457 bytes)
aerial view close-up dromos entryway interior room

Dr. J's Illustrated Lion Tomb Lecture

Special thanks to Duke University's Professor Paul Rehak, who graciously proofed these lectures on Mycenae and made them more accurate.
Any errors are my own.

Go here for great aerial views of Mycenae
and other Mycenaean Age strongholds.